Civil Protective Orders

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Do I Have a Case?

What is a Civil Protective Order?

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Do I Need a Civil Protective Order?

A protective order is an order from the court. The person requesting the order (and the person who would be protected by the order) is called the "petitioner." The person the order is requested against (and against whom it would be issued) is called the "respondent."

What are the Steps I Need to Take?

A protective order can order the respondent to:

- Not commit violence against people listed on the order.
- Not contact or communicate in any way with people listed on the order.
- Stay away from the petitioner's home, work, school, or place of worship.
- Comply with restrictions at the respondent's work, school, and place of worship.
- Not possess, have, or buy a firearm or other type of weapon.

If the respondent violates a protective order they can be arrested and charged with a crime.

How Does a Civil Protective Order Help Me?

The order can place restrictions on the respondent if the court finds the respondent committed violence (or threatened violence or attempted violence) against the petitioner.

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