Estate Planning

  • Over 16 years of professional legal experience, including 13 years with the Utah County Attorney's office.
  • We provide a free consultation to more accurately assess each unique situation.
  • After a thorough review of the details, we share individually-tailored advice & counsel.
  • We provide customized estate planning packages including:
    • Family Trust w/ Schedule A
    • Living Will
    • Pour-Over Will
    • Quit Claim Deeds
    • Letters to banks
    • Letter to investment fund managers
    • Durable Powers of Attorney
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How Craig Johnson Law is Different

Clear Pricing Up Front

Most attorneys charge hourly rates, but that incentivizes them to drag things out unnecessarily. Instead, Craig charges a flat rate up front; we do not surprise clients with additional charges down the road.

Why Estate Planning?

If a client’s assets include business information or are substantial, estate planning is extremely important. Knowing when & how to prove an orderly change of ownership allows continuity of operations and retention of the business’s value. Attorney Craig Johnson can help.

What If Family Member is Disabled or Has Special Needs?

Wise estate planning can provide a pathway to allow the family to continue living a comfortable and worthwhile life. The Craig Johnson law firm can assist in provisions in order to establish special needs trusts and other essential documentation.

An Orderly Transition of Assets

Want to reduce tax burdens and minimize legal costs? Craig Johnson Law provides an orderly transition of assets to eliminate these problems for family members after the death of a loved one.

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