Criminal Defense

  • We provide representation for all criminal cases, including DUI, child abuse, robbery, child molestation, domestic violence homicide, burglary, rape, counterfeit currency, child pornography, and weapons offenses.
  • We provide a free consultation to more accurately assess each unique situation.
  • After a thorough review of the details, we share individually-tailored advice & counsel.
  • Extensive trial experience (including over 60 felony jury trials) across a wide spectrum of cases.
  • Craig creates a unique "recipe" of classes/treatments for you to proactively complete
Do I Have a Case?

How Craig Johnson Law is Different

Clear Pricing Up Front

Most attorneys charge hourly rates, but that incentivizes them to drag things out unnecessarily. Instead, Craig charges a flat rate up front; we do not surprise clients with additional charges down the road.

Mapping Out a Plan

When we get the police reports and other evidence, we will sit down at the office to discuss the strength of the evidence, your goals, and pros and cons of choosing various options.

Creating a Unique Recipe

Craig creates a unique "recipe" of classes/treatments for you to proactively complete in order for his firm to approach the prosecutor for a favorable plea offer (unless we are asking for an outright dismissal). Once you have successfully completed the "recipe," we will review the presentation email before sending it to the prosecutor.

Minimized Number of Court Hearings

We will attempt to minimize the number of court hearings you attend. 90% of Craig's clients' cases are resolved on or before their 2nd court hearings.

Craig Johnson in the News

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